Just recently I have been feeling creatively uninspired and generally bored of my surroundings. But on the other hand, desperately wanting to create and make photos. It’s what sets my heart on fire. I am a perfectionist and each time want to create something wonderful. But how do you do that in the everyday? How can you make the everyday, seem interesting? Well, here are 5 things that have helped me, to get my photography mojo back, which I wanted to share with you.

1. Try something new– These photos on this post, are something that I had not tried before. I placed a crystal wine glass in front of the camera lens and took a few photos (crystal prisms give a similar effect). It takes a little time to do, to get it right. What I found was, having the camera on manual focus, made it a lot easier to get the shot. But what I loved about doing this, is that it made the ordinary everyday, seem interesting. I suddenly had my mojo back, by doing something different, to what I would normally do. I have also tried the photography technique of placing a clear food bag over the camera lens, by simply putting a hole in the bag and wrapping it around the lens. You can secure the bag with a band, but I leave it loose, so I can move it around over the lens, to get different effects. I love how this very simple photography trick, gives lovely soft edges to photos.

2. Always look up- The sky is a great place to look for inspiration. The clouds, the colours, the sun, the birds. I am always looking up and am completely fascinated by clouds.

3. Find beauty in the ordinary– What seems boring to you, is often fascinating to someone else. Share your everyday, people are naturally curious and love to see this kind of stuff. Stop and notice the little things, it could be a shadow coming through your window, or the steam from your morning coffee. It’s about learning to train your eye to capture those simple day to day moments. Moments that we would ordinarily, not give a second thought.

4. Try using film – I recently bought myself a cheap film camera, I haven’t used one since a teenager. But for me there is something so very exciting about film, having to wait for them to be developed and not knowing how they will turn out. It also stops the perfectionist in me, from taking hundreds of photos of the same thing, because I don’t want to waste my film.

5. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery- You don’t have to go far and it does not have to cost the earth. Plan a road trip, take your camera and just have fun.

What do you do when you are struggling with creativity? I would love to know!

Liddy x