Have you ever noticed that some colours do more for you than others? This post has been inspired by a recent photo shoot where I had taken along three dresses with me, two red and one which was white with floral detail. And do you know what, the white one did nothing for me whatsoever (that will teach me for ordering online last minute and not trying on beforehand)! My sister and I, tried so hard to get the shot, we kept moving around finding new backgrounds. But it was the dress-with my blonde hair I looked washed out and I just didn’t feel confident in it.

The two red dresses were totally different- I felt so good in them. The dress in the picture, (scroll below, to Shop The Post, for dress details) fitted in all the right places. I am actually a UK size 12, but with the dress being fitted at the top and flaring out at the bottom, I was able to go down a size. I am a typical pear shape, and for most of my adult life have struggled with getting clothes to fit. But choosing the right styles makes all the difference. It is so important to show off your best features, I have a tiny waist and a bigger bum and legs. So that’s why I wear so many dresses- if you follow me on Instagram, you will know that- but the reason is, I feel more confident in them. Trousers are a nightmare as I struggle to find ones that fit around my waist and thighs- so I tend to avoid them.

But with colours what I am noticing, since changing my hair from dark brown (yes I’m not a true blonde) to blonde, is that I need colour. So this Summer, I am noticing that my wardrobe is quickly filling up with red. Pop me in a red dress and I’m glowing. But this is so at odds with my love affair with pretty pastels.

I have also come to realise, that colours have a huge impact on capturing the right images. It is all about the colours and background. Being an Instagram nerd that I am, I have also noticed that a good colour matched image (one that the outfit is matched or in harmony with the background) will do better. I think I best park this one here, as this is a whole post in itself, in what makes a good Instagram post. Owhhh I can’t wait to get writing about that.

I would love to hear your thoughts on colours and how they make you feel? What colours are you loving right now?

Liddy x

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Images: Life at Lynchgreen

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