You know when you do something really good and you cannot wait to share it with everyone. Well, I recently went to MAC Cosmetics at Jarrolds Norwich. Where I booked in for a 60-minute full makeup application. Like with most things, I find myself doing these days, I did not know what to expect. But it was so good, I just had to pop on here and tell you all about it.

I love makeup, but with three children and a busy lifestyle, I don’t spend much time on it. So to go into Jarrolds and have my makeup fully applied it was such a special treat. What I did not realise is that with the MAC Makeup service that I had which has a Β£40 booking fee, this is fully redeemable on products at the time of appointment. I don’t know how I did not know that before now- such a great deal. I spend quite a lot of money on makeup and with this service, it is so individualised and by spending time with a MAC Makeup Artist I found that I was able to discover products that I really like and ones that I might not have considered on my own. This one to one time was much better than my normal approach to makeup, where I would make a purchase on the spur of the moment.

The products that I tried was vast and I would have taken them all home with me if money permitted. However there were five products, that really stood out to me. I think I have done well narrowing it down to just five.

Firstly the Eye Brows Styler, my shade was Stylized which is a brown and ideal for blondes. What I loved most about it was that it gave such a nice shape to my brows. It also made them look as though I had just had them tinted at a salon. Apparently, less is more when using this product and when applying to remember that you want your eyebrows to look like hairs when applying- so basically don’t apply too thick.

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Next, up the Studio Fix Liquid foundation, which now has an additional 18 shades, so 64 shades in total, which is impressive. I am an NC16 and this is such a great match for my skin. Not only that, I just love how it makes my skin look, gives me great coverage, although natural looking which I like and to be honest it just makes me feel fabulous. As you can gather this is my must-have MAC product if you had to pin me down and make me pick just one.

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I love a smokey eye look but aren’t very good at achieving that myself, probably because I am not that patient. I must practice though as I love this look. But anyway, I opted for a smokey eye look. What I loved though was how I was shown how to create a daytime smokey eye look and an evening one. For some reason, I just associated the smokey eye look as an evening look. So to be able to do this for the daytime too is a winner in my book. Eye primer base was Soft Ochre Pro Longwear Paint Pot, I didn’t know that you should use a primer with eyeshadow so this was a handy tip to pick up. Colour wise on my eyes it was a custom-made palette. Again, I did not know you could do this with MAC, which is exciting really that you can pick your own colours. In my palette was Nylon, Ricepaper, Retrospeck, Wedge, Bronze, Charcoal Brown. For the daytime look, the softer and lighter colours were used and then built up with the darker colours for the evening with a sprinkle of Reflect Pearl Glitter (I loved the glitter).

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Lips- my signature colour is red. I find it goes well with my hair colour and makes a real statement. But this time around I thought I’d try something different and let Holly who did my makeup pick me a couple of shades out. The shade we went for was Shanghai Spice a Cremesheen lipstick more of a nude lipstick for me, but there was enough colour to look like I was wearing lipstick. I thought it was a really chic colour that would go with so many things. The lip liner was Spice and this made a real difference to the shape of my lips and emphasised the lipstick, I can see why this is loved by celebrities.

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Overall I loved my hour with MAC Norwich at Jarrolds, my experience felt so personalised and I will be sure to go again.

Liddy x

All I See Sparkles
Fashion and Beauty Blogger, Norwich

All Makeup products used to create this look below.

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Picture 1 & 3 by Miss Holly P

Picture 2 by Life at Lynch Green

Makeup by Miss Holly P at Jarrold, Norwich-MAC Cosmetics